Managing Your Aesthetic Practice Through Uncertainty

practice management sales Apr 29, 2020

3 tips to help you manage sales uncertainty during the Covid-19 crisis. 


Use the data you have now to help you prepare for the future of your business. In terms of revenue, consider the patients you currently have in the pipeline, (consult appointments, treatments, procedures that had to be re-scheduled, patients who didn't initially convert, etc.) know their estimated value and the expected close date for each.

Run sales reports. Obtain relevant information and understand your sales cycle length and conversion rate so that you can make educated decisions about marketing and revenue projections going forward.


Keep in contact with your prospects and patents to nurture and maintain the relationship. Inquire about their well-being and keep them informed of what's happening at your practice. Genuine messaging and timely updates will allow for a continued sense of connection and inclusion during this time of isolation.

Utilize your team for organized outreach. Create a timeline to know which patients have been contacted and when. Be sure to take excellent notes during your conversations. This information will serve you well later on in the sales process when it's time to follow up.

A pandemic is not the time for marketing as usual. It's critical to keep your finger on the pulse of the changing needs of your patients during this time. Any type of marketing must be sensitive to the current situation and be aligned with where people may be emotional.

As a physician, surgeon, or health care provider, you're in a unique position to address concerns, debunk inaccurate information, and educate. However, it would help to stay in front of your audience by adding immense value. Your communications should showcase your professional expertise, build trust, and spread calm.

"Keep your finger on the pulse of your patient's changing needs so your marketing communications align with their emotional state."



If the recent Covid-19 crisis has taught us anything, it's that the ways we work are changing. The good news is that there are countless solutions available to help you stay in touch with patients and effectively deliver your services, even if your physical location is temporarily closed.

Virtual consults, telemedicine, and online products sales most likely won't replace 100% of your revenue. However, what these offerings can do for your business is help you maintain a connection with prospects, patients and fill your pipeline. With a high conversion rate, you'll have prepaid procedures and treatments on the books and ready to go when the time comes for you to re-open your office.

 Connie Kurczewski specializes in equipping your team with unshakable confidence, a non-pushy selling model, and proven sales skills that build trust, convert patients and elevate practice revenue: Schedule a 30-minute get-acquainted call to learn more.

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