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Connie Kurczewski

About Connie Kurczewski + Elevated Practice Consulting 

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Sales Trainer, Mom, Cynophilist, and Practice Building Consultant

Elevated Practice Consulting was founded in 2014 by Connie Kurczewski, a senior practice management consultant, former practice owner, and small business expert.


Elevated Practice Consulting provides plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and medical spa owners with coaching, consulting, and training services based on a proven 6-step blueprint which allows them to build, operate, and grow their aesthetic business.


Before devoting herself full-time to Elevated Practice, Connie served as Director of Operations and Business Development at an out-of-network physical therapy clinic, where her contributions increased annual revenue from $750,000 to $3,000,000.

Kim Nichols, MD, FAAD

Board Certified Dermatologist

Engaging Connie Kurczewski has been one of the best investments I've made in my business. I hired her because I wanted a consultant who had the track record and expertise to help me navigate the intensity of starting my new dermatology practice.

Within six months of working with Connie, she helped me create strong operational systems, hire and train the right people,and execute effective marketing strategies.

As a result, our new patient inquires doubled, consults increased by 166%, and we performed 113% more treatments that year.

I've continued to re-engage Connie for the past four years, and my business has continued to experience tremendous growth. Connie is one of those rare consultants whose impact on your practice goes above and beyond what you hired her for.


Connie is also the founder of a Greenwich, Connecticut based muscular therapy center; where her marketing efforts attracted professional NFL, NBA, and WWE coaches and athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, and Town & Country Socialites. At wait list capacity, Connie recruited a team of 5 providers, scaled, and sold the practice for profit 8 years later.


Outside of work, Connie is an active community and church member.  She enjoys indulging in extreme self-care, watching the latest Netflix comedy special with her husband, cheering court side at her teenage son's basketball game, and hiking with her mini Goldendoodle, Levi.


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