Is There a Disconnect When New Cosmetic Patients Call Your Practice?

sales Feb 11, 2020

After hearing about your aesthetic Practice from a friend, following you for months on Instagram, and watching every single one of your videos on YouTube, Kris, a potential new cosmetic surgery patient, finally decides to contact your office and book that procedure she's been obsessing about. Here's what happens...

A little nervous but mostly excited, Kris reaches for her phone and dials your office.

Six looooong rings later, Kris's enthusiasm is curbed.

When a distracted receptionist finally picks up, Kris is met with an abrupt, "World-Renowned Surgery & Aesthetics"...CAN I HELP YOU?!"

Not exactly the warm greeting Kris had expected, especially since she felt she had gotten to know YOU so well on social media. (In fact, your "call to action" was so good, she felt like you'd personally be expecting her call!)

After asking a few questions about her desired procedure and getting responses in the same curt tone, Kris quickly decides this isn't the type of Practice she thought it was and tells your receptionist she'll need to "think about it" before she hangs up.


How much would you say that call just cost you? ...5k, 10k, maybe 25k+??

...Not to mention all the time and money you invested in getting Kris to pick up the phone in the first place.

The Harvard Business School's Study on Communications reports that it only takes seven seconds to make a first impression on another person. That's just seven seconds for all of your marketing efforts to potentially go south if there's a disconnect between what a potential patient experiences about you online vs. real life.

Are you able to say with certainty that...

- your receptionist is intentional/present when picking up your phones
- potential patients hear a smile when they call
- your phones are being answered in 3 rings or less

If you're investing any amount of resources into marketing, your Practice you can't afford to be uncertain.

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