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A Confused Patient Never Buys

sales May 29, 2021

Tips to help avoid confusion during a new patient consultation.

Confusion is the enemy of conversion.

Your potential patients want to be sure. ⁣They want to be certain they're making the right choice regarding the aesthetic treatment, cosmetic procedure, or skincare product they're getting. ⁣They want to be sure they're selecting the best surgeon or aesthetic provider. ⁣And they want to be sure they're paying a fair price for it.

A Confused Mind Never Buys.

From start to finish your selling process for aesthetic services has to be as clear and simple as possible so that it's easy for your potential new patients to buy. ⁣

Here are a few tips to help avoid patient confusion:⁣

  1. Provide just the right amount of information during the consultation + avoid using industry jargon!⁣
  2. Give fewer choices and options during the consult. You want them to feel like this is a sensible choice they can make.⁣
  3. Lead with what your recommendation is (and why) to make it easier for them to decide. ⁣
  4. Make sure they know the price and what's included.⁣
  5. Make it clear what they need to do next to move forward. ⁣
  6. Help potential patients overcome that inherent seed of doubt that can come into play when thinking about buying and parting with their cash by celebrating the certainty of their decision.⁣

Connie Kurczewski is the founder of Elevated Practice Consulting, a sales communication and aesthetic practice management firm specializing in front office staff training and business development. Schedule a 30-minute get-acquainted call here.

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