3 Sales + Communication Strategies to Include in Your Aesthetic Practice Reopen Plan

practice management sales Apr 29, 2020

3 tactics to help you jump-start sales in our aesthetic practice.

 My conversations with clients these days have been mainly focused on three topics; safely reopening their practice, protecting patients and staff, and how to generate revenue and remain profitable in the current Covid environment.

Sound familiar? In assuming that these topics are on your mind as well, here are three tactics that you can use to jump-start sales in your aesthetic practice as you prepare to reopen:

1. Start with Your Top 20%

Work to reactivate your big spenders first. Next, contact inactive patients and consults that didn't convert during their initial visit. These are active patients who've already given you money and who will be most willing to come back in now for treatments and procedures. In addition, top spenders will most likely have more discretionary income for elective services during a financial crisis. And don't forget about referral sources! Run a report to learn where your best patients have come from, and invest outreach time and marketing into these two areas before you try to acquire new patients.

2. Elevate trust

Lead with empathy and commitment to health and safety in your patient interactions. Tell, but also SHOW your patients exactly what they can expect during a visit to your office. Entertaining and informative videos demonstrating how you're doing things in your practice to keep staff and patients safe will help you achieve this. Don't hold back in continuously communicating the new safety protocols and disinfecting measures you're taking. In fact, put this message on the "rinse and repeat" cycle across all of your communication channels until it's no longer something people are thinking or talking about.

Your patients have questions and concerns about coming back. (ex., How can I get lip filler done if I'm wearing a mask? Is it safe to get micro-needling right now?) Be sure to highlight the safety aspects of your daily operations, as well as how they're being carried out. This will help provide patients with the answers and reassurance they're looking for.

And if there was ever a time for 'shameless bragging' about your education, credentials, awards, advanced skills, and or extensive experience, it's NOW! Incorporating these differentiators into your marketing strategy will only work to build patient trust and place you ahead and above the rest of the pack.

3. Cherry Pick

With potentially limited OR availability, and packed waiting rooms being a thing of the past, it will behoove you to become selective about which treatments and procedures you provide and promote right now. Which ones will be both safe for your patients and profitable for the practice? Once you've evaluated what makes the most sense to offer, use your marketing budget wisely by promoting those services with a direct response approach.

 Connie Kurczewski is the founder of Elevated Practice, a sales communication and practice management consulting firm that helps cash-based doctors and providers develop their team, increase conversion, reduce patient loss and elevate profitability. Book a 30-minute Get Acquainted Call here.

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